by Zach Kincaid
It’s comforting to know that we define a “last time” after it occurs, and most often well into that pastured time of reflection. Remember the last day of high school? The last hug from your dad? How about the last Christmas when you heard reindeer on your roof? Your last bike ride? Do you recall the last time you thought your grandfather was bigger than life? Mine was shot by Indians, he said. Come to find out, it was too much cancer radiation that scarred his back.

By last times, don’t we mean dead times? If I asked you what book did you last read, you might say, Timequake. You wouldn’t mean that you planned to stop reading altogether. Likely, there are a number of books you've since poked into or there's a list somewhere in your head. But there will come a time when last defines that last page of that last book.

Interlude: "No matter what is doing the creating, I have to say that the giraffe and the rhinoceros are ridiculous. And so is the human brain, capable , in cahoots with the more sensitive parts of the body, such as the ding-dong, of hating life while pretending to love it, and behaving accordingly: 'Somebody shoot me while I'm happy!'" Timequake, Kurt Vonnegut

Hoarding. I have this problem of trying to pull a Joshua. Sun, stop in your tracks. I want to dump all this time into one of those storehouses and just fall in. Stay there. Nothing move. Nothing change.

We can’t do that. Time keeps on going as it dies each second. Stab it now and the jab happens then. Try botoxing and it wrinkles out the other way. As the rocker states, "Time keeps on slippin' into the future."

So how do we stand on desks? The Christian knows the soul mysteriously holds a great reservoir of memory - the right heres and right nows branded onto the guts of identity, despite their Tralfamadorian mixups. It doesn't mean we build silos. But we walk circumspect. We redeem the time while the world has its pulse.

And, if we know the last will be first so too let us be confident that the last times of our lives have another dawning inside the everlasting.