God fell into our fall


God looked out from his Sabbath rest,
before creation leapt from his lips,
and chose to establish earth out of nothing.

He climbed down to make new creatures,
fashioned in his image and free
to look beyond the void and find something.

But they did what they wanted
and built their pride high, telling themselves
they could do just about anything.

Only a few looked up and discovered
that the rain, stars, and manna
were part of a plan to change everything.

Finally, the sky moved in closer
with rumors of God dropping by,
this time incarnate, making himself nothing.

When the eighth day finally came,
shepherds saw the heavens break open,
filling all their longing with something.

Angels spoke the news of a baby born
in the city of David, a king in disguise
who didn’t appear to have much of anything.

They went to see for themselves and
found Mary, Joseph, and Jesus, along
with a star that spilled light on everything.

The legend is true and the myth is complete–
God fell into the Fall to seek the lost
and create his church out of nothing.