Psalm 2


God laughs. God mocks. God rebukes. God terrifies. How about that for God? Tyrants, presidents and kings wield weapons while they plot to secure legacy and power. God knows their conspiracy and he holds them in contempt of him.

They think it's easy to belittle a yesteryear God. Where has he been lately? They think it's easy to mock a suffering God, crucified. How has he allowed so much suffering since?

Secure in their past perfect excuses about God's inefficiencies, they pin down God's people. Nothing is new. Noah, Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Esther, Elijah, David, Daniel, Nehemiah all experienced the cage of time that made the weak powerful and the Almighty questionable. Jesus made it worse. After he left, all the disciples except for John died violently. And emperors brought outlaw status to Christians.

In modern times, the coexist brand knocks at the Christian door of exclusivity and asks, "Really? Are you sure?" It's the fault of democratization which wields a different weapon, one of self-conceit and the growing vulnerability of the church to love without any call or want for repentance.

Now, we are our own tyrants, each a demigod made to rule whatever we can claim for ourselves.


God is at work. So, be wise. Be warned. Instead of serving our navels, let us serve the Lord with fear and celebrate his rule with trembling. His wrath can flare up in a moment. The only place to be saved is by taking refuge in him.

God laughs. God mocks. God rebukes. God terrifies. Blessed are those who are foolish enough to fall in love and at peace with the giver of both.