John Chacha


January 15, 1955 - April 16, 2015

Missionary and Founder of Teamwork City of Hope in Tanzania

From Tanzania
Served in Tanzania
Affiliation: Pentecostal

"When someone is hopeless, it takes another person to bring hope. If you live a life that is selfish, it is not really worth living, but helping other people brings a lot of joy."

Born and raised in Tanzania, poverty was prevalent all around him and he yearned for something more. In 1979, Dr. Chacha received a sponsorship to go to the United States for Bible School. After completing Bible School and college, he went back to Kenya and Tanzania to seek the Lord and there he received a vision for the next phase of ministry. He returned to North America at the end of 1985 and married his college friend, Regina Horst, in March 1986. They immediately founded Teamwork Ministries International, Inc. to address the needs he saw in the church back in East Africa. Teamwork Ministries was built on Dr. Chacha’s desire to help Christians grow in their leadership and walk with God.  Over the past 25+ years, Teamwork has established hundreds of Bible Schools, created cutting-edge curriculum, and published and distributed 20 of Dr. Chacha’s books.  Dr. Chacha’s dynamic teaching, writing and preaching has empowered leaders around the world as he traveled to over 20 countries.

Although Dr. Chacha had great impact in his ministry, he felt there was an opportunity to make a greater impact by investing in the next generation of leaders. In 2007, he received a call to help the people in his home village of Ntagacha, Tanzania. His love for the children became all-consuming as he made it his mission to pour his life into giving back to the people in his community. He brought City of Hope in a short time to include a children’s home serving 110 orphans, Destiny Primary School and Amani Medical Center. 

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